Vitacell© Site Power Unit


Vitacell© Fuel Free and
Silent Running Battery Pack

The Vitacell© Lithium battery power pack is now fully Network Rail approved [PADS number PA05/07429], suitable for use with small plant, equipment and powered tools up to 1500 Watts with a charge time from flat to a full charge in just 7 hours. Our a.c. electricity generator is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional power generation.

The unit requires no maintenance, is fuel free, silent running and has zero carbon emissions. The Vitacell© Lithium battery power pack is extremely robust for use on railway and construction sites, and has been ergonomically designed for ease of lifting and transportation.

When used with either the Capellastrip™ LED strip light; the Lunarlink™ LED Link Light; and/or the Lunar360 LED flood light they are replacing existing lighting systems in order to meet industry carbon emission targets and are also reducing noise pollution on site.

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